Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Playing with time- Fotamecus.

In 1996, a magician called Fenwick Rysen went on a road trip with his college buddies. On this college trip, packed in the back of a van they were messing around with Chaos Magic not knowing that what they were starting was not only a war between now two great beings, but also magical history in the making.

What they created started off as a sygil, known as Fotamecus later it had the ability to compress time in one space, and then for the same person expand time by the same portion to balance it out. It started off only being able to do minutes at a time, then hours but slowly it grew. As Fotamecus was used more and more it developed it's own consciousness and grew.

It didn't stop growing, it was used very often by these seven chaotes and over the years it became known as an "Egregore". A servitor/thought form that had grown so large it is essentially independent from the control of it's creator(s). It has though, a laid back attitude, as Rysen says him self, probably due to the fact his parents were seven, laid back college students on a road trip.

It is worth mentioning before we go on, that Fotamecus is a special type of egregore, this type is called a "Viral Servitor", essentially it spawns an infinite amount of copies of itself so that if you don't want one to re-expand time, it passes the job to another one elsewhere and you remain un-affected, but the debt is still paid.

So this battle between 2 beings. Fotamecus can control the flow of time, but like 2 cats in a house, this has encroached on Chronos, the Lord of time. It is he who keeps time constant, and disgusted by that concept of time as a constant, it is he that Fotamecus seeks to dethrone. The difference in their power though is astronomical and I have my doubts that within our grand children's lifetimes will this dethroning occur, if ever. Regardless, a battle is taking place that was set in motion now 18 years ago.

I've used Fotamecus twice so far, and rarely do I say a magic is a life hack, but this really is. It's not hard to do and it really does work. It makes everything go faster and so far my results have been very promising.

A boring 5 hours long Sunday afternoon was reduced to what felt like no longer than an hour, boring one hour college assembly? No problem that only took 15 minutes. That was over the past 2 days.

It is so simple to use Fotamecus and I suspect your results will get better and better every time you use him/her/it. I cannot put the instructions simpler and better than the man himself- Fenwick Rysen, so click on his name there to check out his instructions on Fotamecus' use.

I hope you have found this educational and interesting, I will post future results if they are interesting or funny enough ha ha XD.

In any case, +1 and/or share this if you liked it and tell me, have you had any experiences with Fotamecus? Have you any other methods of time manipulation? I'd love to know ha ha.

Lucius RavenCroft.
Captain of the Dark Order and Consultant Exorcist.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

A worrying culture gripping the magical community.

This post is likely to maybe annoy a few magicians and so I tread carefully, before I begin I express that these views are my own, and do not reflect any held views of either House RavenCroft or the Dark Order. The integrity of the Order is defined by the hearts of our exorcists, not any official doctrine.

So today I was going to write about my experiments with the egregore "Fotamecus", the servitor made in 1997 by Chaote Fenwick Rysen, that I carried out last night- to much success. But events have since then transpired that I feel are more important and need to be discussed.

In a time of modern civilization, magicians like you and I are accustomed to keeping discreet our nature, not for fear but because in this day and age magic is mocked by those who know not it's ability. That's fine really, I respect non magicians and all. But that is not all, in this time magic is growing and it is peaking the radar of the public eye, and just like in times past it is not being met with tolerance and respect, but it is being met with fear and in some cases persecution.

Take for example, in this past week the German A.A. has been raided by the police and effectively shut down by the government, where among other reasons a senior spokesperson was quoted saying "illegal weapons and mind-control". Whether this is true or not is not for me to judge but regardless, this shows the fear that is very slowly creeping into the public eye.

Or take in recent history, until a heart touching petition by the moldain people put a stop to it, our dear Prime Minister David Cameron was going to filter the internet of among other things, all occult and alternative religious material.

I am proud to be a magician, to be an exorcist. I have always taken the view that as magicians, we can do mind control, we can influence events around people. But just like with martial arts, when you get to that stage of power, you also realize how petty and pointless firing spells back and forth actually is.

Unfortunately due to the events of today I am now not sure.

So the other day, on a section of a forum I frequent someone posted instructions how to "Curse your ex girlfriend" Now if any of you frequent any occult forums you will know this it is not uncommon for someone to make an account to ask how to do this, and they are met with the whole "Oh com' on mate". But this was different, I'm not used to someone openly sharing how to do it. And obviously not only as an exorcist but as a morally conscious magician this concerned me.

This post was met with some criticism but then to my surprise other magicians actually started giving tips how to improve it. I posted there about how it was immoral and wrong, and I guess I went a bit too far in my shock and said how in the order we trace cursers etc. And went on to call cursers vile and twisted magicians.

[Before I go on, let me clarify that there is a time and place for such magic. If you are being harassed, stalked, attacked etc. then yeah go for it. Self defense is self defense at the end of the day.]

There has only been one response so far, and it did in truth anger me. This was a magician who I have a lot of respect for, but was one of the ones who gave tips how to improve the curse with no wink or discouragement. We will call this person R.

R goes on to say it is either youthful arrogance or a high pedestal I sit and judge the original poster (OP) and I have no such right to judge and so on.

Now I'm used to the back and forth jousting of pens on forums, that's fun and there's no hard feelings, but I fear that this post has highlighted a wider problem in our community. That it is okay to just curse someone because you can.

So I posted back and have put the question to R, among other things I equated the cursing to a simple analogy. In regards to the morality of the matter, for decades this has already been determined. If you walk down the street and see a bully attacking someone smaller than him, I expect not everyone to intervene (I would, but that's me), but what would you think of the bully?

Just because the curse happens not on the street, makes it no less a crime, no less an act of bullying (to put it lightly) than domestic violence and bullying in our offices and streets.  I then ended on...

"So I will end on a question, what's the moral difference between sending a curse at your ex girlfriend and going to there house and attacking them? I assume that the latter is wrong, but what do you think?"

I hope I am wrong, I really do. I will be going through old posts on various forums and try and ascertain whether this is actually a widespread issue or just unique. But I fear this culture may be a widespread phenomenon among our generation of magicians.

My fellow magicians, occultists, dear friends and family. In a time of rising fears of our kind, please do not kindle such fears with the casual firing of curses and harming those around us. With power comes responsibility.

Thank you.

Lucius RavenCroft.
Captain of the Dark Order and Consultant Exorcist.  

Friday, 29 August 2014

Scion, what went wrong?!

So, where do I start. A number of events caused me to stop blogging, I think mainly was the shock of what happened with Scion.

For those of you who are new, when I started this blog I was a prominent member of an order called Scion, which was led by Aurelia Starborn, Master of House Starborn. Scion was supposed to be a place to balance magic and muldain following the principles of the three pillars Dar, Gyu and Sei (Body, Mind and Spirit). Although his teachings made sense throughout my association with Scion his madness became more and more prevalent before it reached a boiling point and became too much.

Essentially Scion was an alliance between a multitude of houses, House RavenCroft being one such house.

The first sign of his madness was perhaps his obsession with dominating everyone and everything around him, almost like a needy baby crying for attention. Except his tantrums took the form of terrifying magical storms. This sign first manifested himself as an obsession with calling Scion the "Scion Dominion". What does that tell you about someone?

This went on, for example when Scion ran into trouble with a group of spirits operating close to the veil, physically located in Northern Scotland (if I remember correctly), his immediate response was to wipe them off the face of the map, I then took control and along with Kai RavenCroft we wrote a treaty that was agreed by both sides. Through out this entire time Aurelia was insistent that in the treaty "They submit to the Scion Dominion" and much more ludicrous things.

The next thing that happened was he started to randomly select magicians that he perceived as threats, and then he attacked them with magic. Now House RavenCroft first and foremost is made up of battle magicians, most of whom are exorcists for the Dark Order. Naturally he relied on what at the time wasn't a big house, but still a powerful one, to do the fighting. We did not. I'm sorry but I'm not going to be a madman's attack dog and even back then I had the sneaking suspicion that was the precedent he was setting. Suffice to say he was very angry and took matters into his own hands.

Luckily Kai and I managed to behind the scenes divert his energies and deceive him into thinking he had eliminated his targets, don't get me wrong, his targets were nasty, nasty magic users, but regardless this world of Magic and Madness is like a wild west and now was not the time to engage those Magicians. Regardless, I am interested in peace, not war.

Soon afterwards, a member close to Aurelia called Emi left. At this Aurelia heavily scorned him to all in Scion, and at the mere mention of Scion Emi made on a forum Aurelia decided that Emi had to be "Excommunicated". This was magic he claimed to command that would slowly destroy the soul of the victim bit by bit after every rebirth until there was nothing left. Regardless of whether such magic exists (which I have doubts) this further showed his madness. At the time I was very much gripped by his doctrine and I believed he would do this after seeing his magic in action, I along with another member who I shall keep anonymous, spent about 5 hours talking him down.

After this, things were relatively calm, this was until I formed House RavenCroft officially within Scion, many of the Scion members immediately wished to join and Aurelia imposed a cap on our members to keep the scales balanced. Never the less people defected.

Before I go on, let me clarify that when people joined my house, they joined our lessons, the title of RavenCroft is earned, not given simply to those who join, it is not inherited either. House RavenCroft is a small group of magicians who have earned the title, it is not a major or prestigious organization nor do we attempt to be, it is simply a House of those who have earned the title, mainly certain exorcists within the Order.

Anyways, so this began to cause tensions, which mixed with his paranoia reached to a boiling point when he stopped answering my emails, forcing me to take action on my own in promoting two of my House members who were ready, without his consent. We could only do promotions once a year and he was playing silly power games and trying to stop me executing my right to promote my members as I see fit. This led to a massive conflict which then led to House RavenCroft unanimously voting to leave Scion, which at that point had many houses, and form the Dark Order as our own organization, family and home for exorcists like us.

So when we left, quiet a few people from the other houses/unassigned left with us, infuriated we were branded Warlocks (Oath breakers) by Aurelia and then he came after us. A magical attacked rocked us all, it hurt our newest magicians the most, barely an apprentice he left her with a broken spine. We thought this was low but when we counter attacked he quiet literally used his apprentices as a shield.

We had no quarell with anyone in Scion except for Aurelia, the Mad Magician. After seeing that he was using what few apprentices he has left as a shield I called off the attack. We planned and launched a second attack some weeks later, we shut down his magic and left it at that. We are charged with protecting those around us, even if they attack us if they are humans we have a duty of care. I will not condone the use of magic to hurt a person, regardless of what they do. We locked down his magic so that he could not hurt anyone else and left him be.

It has been a while since then, but the apprentice who was hurt has now recovered somewhat but is still in Physiotherapy, Gods were with her that day as although the vertebrae were broken the spinal chord remained intact.

So that's the story of why we left Scion, what is the Dark Order?

Well, that's the organization of exorcists that House RavenCroft now runs, we have Captains in training and each Captain will later have his/her own group of exorcists to manage cases and work with. We are a dedicated group and soon will be physical and working full time thanks to the generous funds of an anonymous donor. But more on that another time ;)

Dear Friend, if you are reading I thank you for taking an interest in this humble blog of mine, and look out for updates on my project blogs and more case files to come up here :)

Lucius RavenCroft.
Captain of the Dark Order and Consultant Exorcist.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

I'm back- for good.

Dear Readers, Friends, Family.

I feel I owe you all an explanation. Although I stopped writing here for almost 9 months, my work did not stop, I am an exorcist first and foremost and for the whole of my life I will help those that need me. Regardless, no matter how strong I am, as with everyone, life can get in the way.

I may have mentioned this before but I now over a year ago, my heart was broken by a girl. I fell in love with a girl who never existed, it in later years will serve as a cautionary tale to my apprentices in years to come as to why to never involve matters of the heart with your own magic. Regardless, it is not something I feel comfortable talking about but maybe one day I will.

Anyways, it took me time to move on from that and about 2 months ago I remember waking up and thinking "You know what, I feel better now" and I did. I have moved on with my life now and I am preparing to go back to college in the next few days. God it feels good to be over her ha ha.

The point is I'm back now, and I'm back to stay.

So, an update.
Earlier this year within Scion there was a fall out. Aurelia Arcanon went bonkers in a nut shell and so I made the decision to pull House RavenCroft out of Scion. He then proceeded to attempt to attack us with magic and so in one strike we shut his magic down.

For now the past 7 months (I think) the Dark Order has been flourishing, I say I'm leading it but really I couldn't have asked for better, colleagues, companions and friends. At the moment, including myself we total 5 members but we are not aiming to increase in size at this time. I am busy training and teaching my other 4 guild members the way of the exorcist and they are doing very well.

It's always a challenge to teach this, for example with Battle Magic, you can only teach an apprentice to the point that they can explore themselves to find how their heart manifests itself in their battle magic. And a lot is learned only from experience. Regardless my counterparts are awesome, really and truly, each and every one of them exemplifies the honour and courage that the Exorcist wields in the face of the Demonic.

So I guess that's the quick pro-quo update on my affairs. Just before I sign out I'd like to just explain once and for all what House RavenCroft is, and it's relationship with the Dark Order.

House RavenCroft is a noble house of Magicians, we earn our titles, they are not inherited. House RavenCroft magicians traditionally have always been Exorcists in the Order but there are exceptions. But the two are autonomous and run parallel to each other.

Anyway, happy with the progress everyone in the Order has made, I am happy to open the doors for a few new members in the new year. Look out for my posts now coming every two days and I am glad to be back.

Lucius RavenCroft.
Captain of the Dark Order and Consultant Exorcist.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

God I've returned so many times now!

Hi all, I keep returning, I keep leaving, but this blog is something I always try and do.

Allow me to explain, my mother is an alcoholic. I very bad one. End of two weeks ago she had a worse than normal episode where she threw up in my room, destroyed all my clothes, my bed, drank one of my two bottles of 1960 vintage Dom P√©rignon- and then ransacked my room in search of more alcohol. 

That was the last straw and so I left, I moved out. I have a job, why not? My Dad was cool with it, in fact he said he'd leave if he could, then gave me 2 twelve packs of beer! I rarely drink- but the sentiment is still appreciated. 

At first I packed all my things and crashed at my Auntie's for a week. It was magical. Really, it was. My mother had demonized my auntie so much, but there it felt so good, it felt like I had a family again. A feeling I hadn't had for a long time. I was broken and they fixed me; they were loving, caring and they all behaved like a family! They all hung out and spoke to each other in my old house no-one ever spoke to each other, 

So staying there for a week was sublime, while in the mean time I was looking for a place to move into close to work. I was trawling through sites like "Spare Room" etc. and I found this place I'm at now. It's brilliant! It is literally a two minute walk from my office and everything is local, and no hills! NO HILLS!

Sorry. That's a big deal for me. My old place was in "Muswell Hill", anyone who knows the area will know exactly what I mean ;)

So this place is great; the rent is cheap, inc. bills and my Land Lady is an absolute delight! She loves to cook so she always cooks me lunch and dinner, and I'm not allowed to do the washing! (as she's worried about the water meter)

It's great! She calls herself "mum number 2" and I'm so lucky as this kind of house is exactly what I need to heal.

And she is hilarious, for example she asked me to do the hoovering on my floor of the house as I am writing this article, I said to her I'll do it now and she asked me about my article. I just said "meh", I'll do it after, her response (and I quote) "Get it done first or you'll have red bum bum"!

Yeah, not a word of untruth, perhaps some context is needed- she is a Spanish Land Lady. Less weird now? Good.

But yeah, that's my new set up. 

In other news. I am compiling my evidence to show this, but I have reasonable cause to believe that a new game is afoot.

Since the beginning of last year, I keep hearing on the news a bus crash kills X people, a train crash, another train crash, ships sink, more trains crash. I plotted all the locations on a map and you'll see for yourself when I "digitize" it for you, that it forms a pattern that is unmistakable.

Now, I'll explain, since 2012 there have been a few full powered demons who are stragglers, who survived. Among them as I mentioned before is the Whisperer, an (Demonic) Apostle. Now the apostles are a group of demons that frankly not much is known about. But I know these crashes, are not the work of the whisperer. Not only is this not his style, I'm already tracking him, he's up to something else... Another time I'll explain.

No, this demon has figured out how to create a gap large enough for an ark to travel through. I don't know who this demon is or what it even "looks" like. But I am going to find out. What it is doing is this.

It is trying to create small pockets of isolated hopelessness, isolated in time, in different locations. With this, it can then create a pattern of external lay lines through which the energies collide and disrupt the fabric that is keeping our two plains apart. This will create a "wormhole" of sorts through which an ark can be sent through.

I have formed a RavenCroft strike team of Kai and Akabway RavenCroft to work with Weavers from House Starborn to trace back the magic through the weave and locate/ID this demon while I go after the whisperer. When I am done with the Whisperer we will go and deal with this demon.


On a lighter note, now that I have moved out, as of next week I will begin my pledge of two blog posts a week, and update and project log. I am very keen and excited to be crafting this ring, I doubt I'll be able to get it past three but with a bit of luck 4, or 5? 12, doubt it, but worth a shot!

Anyways, I think that's it from me! If you liked this, please share/+1 and feel free to follow me on G+ (link in top right of blog!)

Thanks for reading, and until Wednesday.

Good day!

Lucius RavenCroft.
Leader of House RavenCroft and Councillor of Scion.
Consultant Exorcist.

Friday, 17 January 2014

An update and a pledge.

Hi guys,
I haven't written anything in 2 weeks. Yeeeaaaah, sorry about that...


Ahahaha, anyways.

Yeah, I've been settling well into my new job. I'm actually moving out as well at the end of the month. I've found a lovely house share only a 2 minute walk from the office, and a 3 minute walk from the gym, Whoop!

It's awesome. My social life, well, it's under construction, let's put it that way ha ha.

Anyway, that's the update.
Now for the pledge.

As you know, I am on and off when it comes to writing. I have waves of ideas. Well- no more!

I now am pledging to write, to you guys. Twice a week. One journal entry (minimum) and one post.

Speaking of journals.

First entry into project of creating a ring of 12 familiars is up. Click here to read it!

I hope you enjoy all the latest updates this year, and I hope I am able to help you, in any way, through this blog.


Lucius RavenCroft.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! May the Yule Tides be Gaye!

Merry Christmas everyone, this year has been a good and rewarding year, I started my blog this summer and since then it has really taken off. So I really just want to take this chance to thank you- all of you.

Thank you to all my readers, who give me the drive to continue writing.
Thank you to all my followers, on G+ and twitter, who really are the bread and butter of my blogging efforts.
Thank you all, for making this year a great one for me!

And also, thank you all for the hearty Christmas wishes!

Now that that's outta the way- PRESENTS.

This Christmas I got two, very good presents. The first, from my parents (which was surprising). They got me an amazon kindle. Skeptical at first, I thanked them and opened it, got to the store and thought, "well. what kind of books do I normally read?" The answer of course, was occult books. Then I realized, the Kindle'll be a great way to read and indulge in my occult studies, yet at the same time be subtle and secretive. It works.

The second present is this. So on Christmas day, I wake up groaning and screaming against the oncoming storm (known as the sun) as my brother is poking me awake to join the rest of the family and open presents. So as one does, I check my emails and see I have an email from Google +, nothing new here, but then I open it and it says that I now qualify for my own custom URL, so here you go peeps. The URL for my G+...




Right? RIGHT?! Yeah, no suffixes required, this is perfect. I am very happy.

Anyway, everyone enjoy your Christmas, you are in my heart, always.

Lucius RavenCroft.
Consultant Exorcist.
Exorcist and Coven Leader of Scion- RavenCroft Coven, London.
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