The Truth.

Daniel RavenCroft and I were sat on a stony beach watching the sky explode with colour around us as the sun began to kiss the horizon, spilling her golden glow all across the sea right up to the shore itself. There was a light breeze as the air began to cool. We kept ourselves warm with the fires in our hands. As the sun gave us her final wink before disappearing beneath the curvature of the earth, darkness began to descend. It was almost pitch black and I could hardly see him sat next to me- let alone the gentle waves I could hear ahead. The clouds in the sky cleared after some time and the beach flooded with moonlight.

"Do you see the Darkness in the sky Lucius?"

I nod.

"What else can you see?"

I tell him I can see the stars and the moon. Unsure of where he is going.

He points out that when you look up at the night sky and see the vastness of the dark, the stars and the moon are so small by comparison. That this is true, the vastness of space greatly outnumbers the…

Playing with time- Fotamecus.

In 1996, a magician called Fenwick Rysen went on a road trip with his college buddies. On this college trip, packed in the back of a van they were messing around with Chaos Magic not knowing that what they were starting was not only a war between now two great beings, but also magical history in the making.

What they created started off as a sygil, known as Fotamecus later it had the ability to compress time in one space, and then for the same person expand time by the same portion to balance it out. It started off only being able to do minutes at a time, then hours but slowly it grew. As Fotamecus was used more and more it developed it's own consciousness and grew.

It didn't stop growing, it was used very often by these seven chaotes and over the years it became known as an "Egregore". A servitor/thought form that had grown so large it is essentially independent from the control of it's creator(s). It has though, a laid back attitude, as Rysen says him self, pro…

A worrying culture gripping the magical community.

This post is likely to maybe annoy a few magicians and so I tread carefully, before I begin I express that these views are my own, and do not reflect any held views of either House RavenCroft or the Dark Order. The integrity of the Order is defined by the hearts of our exorcists, not any official doctrine.

So today I was going to write about my experiments with the egregore "Fotamecus", the servitor made in 1997 by Chaote Fenwick Rysen, that I carried out last night- to much success. But events have since then transpired that I feel are more important and need to be discussed.

In a time of modern civilization, magicians like you and I are accustomed to keeping discreet our nature, not for fear but because in this day and age magic is mocked by those who know not it's ability. That's fine really, I respect non magicians and all. But that is not all, in this time magic is growing and it…

Scion, what went wrong?!

So, where do I start. A number of events caused me to stop blogging, I think mainly was the shock of what happened with Scion.

For those of you who are new, when I started this blog I was a prominent member of an order called Scion, which was led by Aurelia Starborn, Master of House Starborn. Scion was supposed to be a place to balance magic and muldain following the principles of the three pillars Dar, Gyu and Sei (Body, Mind and Spirit). Although his teachings made sense throughout my association with Scion his madness became more and more prevalent before it reached a boiling point and became too much.

Essentially Scion was an alliance between a multitude of houses, House RavenCroft being one such house.

The first sign of his madness was perhaps his obsession with dominating everyone and everything around him, almost like a needy baby crying for attention. Except his tantrums took the form of terrifying magical storms. This sign first manifested himself as an obsession with calling…

I'm back- for good.

Dear Readers, Friends, Family.

I feel I owe you all an explanation. Although I stopped writing here for almost 9 months, my work did not stop, I am an exorcist first and foremost and for the whole of my life I will help those that need me. Regardless, no matter how strong I am, as with everyone, life can get in the way.

I may have mentioned this before but I now over a year ago, my heart was broken by a girl. I fell in love with a girl who never existed, it in later years will serve as a cautionary tale to my apprentices in years to come as to why to never involve matters of the heart with your own magic. Regardless, it is not something I feel comfortable talking about but maybe one day I will.

Anyways, it took me time to move on from that and about 2 months ago I remember waking up and thinking "You know what, I feel better now" and I did. I have moved on with my life now and I am preparing to go back to college in the next few days. God it feels good to be over her ha ha.

God I've returned so many times now!

Hi all, I keep returning, I keep leaving, but this blog is something I always try and do.

Allow me to explain, my mother is an alcoholic. I very bad one. End of two weeks ago she had a worse than normal episode where she threw up in my room, destroyed all my clothes, my bed, drank one of my two bottles of 1960 vintage Dom PĂ©rignon- and then ransacked my room in search of more alcohol. 

That was the last straw and so I left, I moved out. I have a job, why not? My Dad was cool with it, in fact he said he'd leave if he could, then gave me 2 twelve packs of beer! I rarely drink- but the sentiment is still appreciated. 

At first I packed all my things and crashed at my Auntie's for a week. It was magical. Really, it was. My mother had demonized my auntie so much, but there it felt so good, it felt like I had a family again. A feeling I hadn't had for a long time. I was broken and they fixed me; they were loving, caring and they all behaved like a family! They all hung out and spo…

An update and a pledge.

Hi guys,
I haven't written anything in 2 weeks. Yeeeaaaah, sorry about that...

Ahahaha, anyways.

Yeah, I've been settling well into my new job. I'm actually moving out as well at the end of the month. I've found a lovely house share only a 2 minute walk from the office, and a 3 minute walk from the gym, Whoop!

It's awesome. My social life, well, it's under construction, let's put it that way ha ha.

Anyway, that's the update.
Now for the pledge.

As you know, I am on and off when it comes to writing. I have waves of ideas. Well- no more!

I now am pledging to write, to you guys. Twice a week. One journal entry (minimum) and one post.

Speaking of journals.

First entry into project of creating a ring of 12 familiars is up. Click here to read it!

I hope you enjoy all the latest updates this year, and I hope I am able to help you, in any way, through this blog.


Lucius RavenCroft.